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What we do

As an investment specialist and wealth management company we focus on seeking out unique investment opportunities for clients that enable them to grow their funds in excess of inflation. We only make a recommendation if it’s something we are prepared to invest in ourselves.


Investment opportunities

We pride ourselves in having a long and successful history of bringing a unique and valuable approach to our clients’ investment portfolios. Once our research confirms a higher conviction we try to maximise the opportunity for ourselves and our clients by taking a higher weighting in the opportunity. This has consistently delivered higher returns relative to the low risk.

Pre- and post-retirement investing

We take pre- and post-retirement seriously. Yield Capital takes great care in evaluating retirement portfolios ensuring it meets the investment outcomes needs of each client. The focus is to minimise the effect of inflation eroding purchasing power.

Retirement Income versus capital preservation versus capital growth is on the forefront of our discussion with clients. We provide an investment framework that suits each individual clients’ needs.

Restructuring a client’s assets may increase their retirement income, allowing them and their family to enjoy a wealthier lifestyle.

Policy Trader

Policy Trader is Yield Capital’s division dedicated to dealing directly with the public and specialising in solutions to provide cash for restricted endowment policies.

Policy Trader buys restricted policies, giving clients the opportunity to increase their cash flow at a better rate than they would potentially get through alternative channels and financial institutions.

They help clients turn their restricted policies into cash immediately, so that they don’t have to wait until the maturity date.


Type of investments we purchase

  • Restricted endowment policies
  • Secondary market structured products
  • Units/shares in closed-end property funds
  • Preference shares
  • Collective investments